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Paint Correction by Pristine Detail

Pristine Detail’s paint correction or (swirl removal) is a labor intensive process where we uses the most advanced compounds and polishes, applied either by a random orbital or rotary polisher designed to remove most defects in paint. Bringing back a shine and luster which most vehicles lack by leveling out the clear coat and will result in a deep gloss and smooth finish that gives a show car look.

Stage 1

Stage 1 paint correction is recommended for vehicles with minimal paint defects for example hard water spots and light swirls. Correction in this stage is aimed to improve the overall gloss and shine of your paints finish. This package is recommended for newer vehicles

Stage 2

Pristine detail’s stage 2 was one of our most popular paint correction services. This service includes a multi stage correction that can remove up to 80% of swirls, scratches and other imperfections on automotive paint. This service will restore the color and clarity to any vehicles finish. Pristine detail stage 2 correction can make your vehicle looking new again.

Stage 3

This service is a multi-step paint correction recommended for vehicles that have heavy scratches and swirl marks, this service is guaranteed to increase the shine of your vehicle finish please allow 5-6 hours for this service.


Pristine detail’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make your automotive care and protection extremely easy and enjoyable. Our mission is to deliver the best value, our services include automotive detailing, auto paint/body repair, Ceramic Pro Coatings, clear bra, window tint and much more. The passionate IDA certified team at Pristine Detail goes above and beyond to make your vehicle look and feel new again. We strive to deliver the best results using only quality products and the best tools in the professional automotive industry.