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Paint Protection by Pristine Detail

Ceramic Coating For Cars

Keeping your vehicle’s paint looking new and swirl free can be a difficult task.  Now with the advancement in ceramic coating for cars and clear bra you can help guard your vehicle against unwanted scratches, Bird droppings,  tree sap, and other pain damaging debris. Ceramic coatings allow a superior protection around the vehicle also creating an extremely bright shine.

What is Paint Protection?

Paint protection is a surface coating or protective material put on top of the external surfaces of your vehicle to preserve the manufacturer’s paint.

Paint protection is designed to reduce damage caused from road particles, day-to-day scratches, the harsh elements, and other harmful things caused by nature.

The 2 Types of Paint Protection

Modern-day paint protection mainly comes in two forms: Ceramic Coating and Clear Bra Film

Ceramic Pro Paint Coating

Ceramic Paint Coating is a brand new layerable coating that is installed on the surface of your vehicle in a liquid form. After a few hours, the ceramic coating hardens on top of your paint’s surface to create an invisible glass shield. The coating permanently seals the beautiful detail work beneath and preserves the appearance of your vehicle, exponentially reducing maintenance.

SunTek Clear Bra Film

Clear Bra is an invisible polyurethane-based film that is put on the external surfaces of your vehicle designed to prevent rock chips and other high speed projectiles from damaging the paint.


Pristine detail’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make your automotive care and protection extremely easy and enjoyable. Our mission is to deliver the best value, our services include automotive detailing, auto paint/body repair, Ceramic Pro Coatings, clear bra, window tint and much more. The passionate IDA certified team at Pristine Detail goes above and beyond to make your vehicle look and feel new again. We strive to deliver the best results using only quality products and the best tools in the professional automotive industry.