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Clear Bra Minneapolis

Clear Bra is an invisible polyurethane-based film that is put on the external surfaces of your vehicle designed to prevent rock chips and other high speed projectiles from damaging the paint.

Clear Bra Options

Typically Clear Bra is installed on the leading edges of the vehicle such as the hood, bumpers, mirrors and headlights, or in high contact points including door edges, handles, and the rear bumper.

Although it is one of the more cost-prohibitive solutions, performing a clear bra install on the entire exterior of the vehicle is not an uncommon practice.

To prevent the clear bra from fading over time, it is a very common practice to apply paint coating on top of the clear bra’s surface to preserve the polyurethane.

Suntek Paint Protection Film in Minneapolis

Pristine Detail, servicing Minneapolis’ finest exotic and luxury cars in paint protection, are experts at installing your car’s clear bra film. First developed to bolster the strength of helicopter blades, over time technology for clear bras, also called paint protective film (PPF), has advanced to serve the needs of the auto industry.

While installation can be tricky, our IDA certified detailers excel at installing high quality paint protection options in order to protect your luxury or exotic car’s paint job from dings, scrapes, road debris, and other mishaps. Pristine Detail features Suntek’s clear bra installed by the best detailers in the Twin Cities. Conveniently located only a couple miles from downtown Minneapolis, Pristine Detail’s attention to precision makes them the perfect choice to install your vehicle’s clear bra. Superior paint protection film, Suntek clear bra installation by the trained professionals at Pristine Detail.


SunTek’s Self-Healing PPF is highly stretchable, which means easier installs with fewer relief cuts and less chances for edges to be damaged. It also allows for removal and re-installation by professionals with little to no loss of material or quality.

With a high-gloss finish, SunTek’s PPF can often improve the shine of a vehicle’s paint simply with its installation onto the vehicle body. In fact, while some PPF’s can yellow over time or add unsightly tints to an existing paint job, this product is nearly invisible and color-neutral. Its topcoat is also scratch resistant, and its unique self-healing properties can reset the surface, should it receive any scratches, through environmental heat (e.g. sunlight or engine temperature) or warm water.


A car’s paint job is one of its strongest eye-catching attributes, but one of the first things to show wear and aging. The latter is not an option for vehicle enthusiasts and those with high-value sports cars. To protect your vehicle, SunTek’s Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film delivers high-value surface protection to a vehicle’s paint and body and comes complete with a five-year warranty. Its combination of proprietary design features and long-term benefits make this a superior choice in the PPF market.

For an exciting piece of technology that also protects the resale value and incredible style of an automobile, SunTek’s Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is a no-nonsense product that is easy to maintain, and gives vehicle enthusiasts the ability to enjoy their vehicle on virtually any road.


Maintenance is yet another strength of SunTek’s film, for it resists discoloration when exposed to colored waxes and soaps. It even withstands paint thinner with no side effects, as can be seen in this video. Finally, in extreme weather conditions, this PPF will not yellow, bubble, or crack for the length of the warranty.

Looking for an opinion on the best luxury film for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you.



Pristine detail’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make your automotive care and protection extremely easy and enjoyable. Our mission is to deliver the best value, our services include automotive detailing, auto paint/body repair, Ceramic Pro Coatings, clear bra, window tint and much more. The passionate IDA certified team at Pristine Detail goes above and beyond to make your vehicle look and feel new again. We strive to deliver the best results using only quality products and the best tools in the professional automotive industry.