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Twin Cities Paint Protection & Benefits 

Clear Bra offers the auto paint protection needed to protect your vehicle from paint damaging elements of Minnesota. From road salt in the Winter to insect acids and tree sap in the Summer, our paint protection film provides superior protection for any environment and season. Clear Bra, also known as PPF, is the king of defense against rock chips, oxidation, tree sap, insect acids, scratches, bird droppings, road salt and dirt. Paint protection film goes on clear and never compromises style! The film is stain resistant and has self-healing properties while simultaneously protecting your vehicle!

Clear Bra is a clear, polyurethane invisible film that can be applied to the entirety of the car or highly prone areasAt our shop we highly recommend protection to the areas of a vehicle that are more prone to damage. We use a custom plotter to perfectly match the exact dimensions of the film to your specific make and model! This application should only be applied by experienced detailing professionals to ensure a proper installation. Our industry leading auto paint protection films including Suntek and 3M. At Pristine Auto our goal is to protect your investment from contaminants that damage paint and decrease the value of your vehicle. For a free quote for your paint protection needs, please click here.

Clear Bra Packages

Pristine Detail has a paint protection film package for any car or requirement.  We offer prone area coverage to entire vehicle protection to ensure vehicles are properly prepped for the climate of Minnesota.

Partial Kit

The Partial Package is Pristine Detail’s introductory package and includes 24” of paint protection to the front hood, protection to the fenders and protection to the mirrors.

Partial Front End Kit

The Partial Front End package provides protection to highly vulnerable areas of your vehicle. This package provides clear bra to 24” of the hood, the fenders, mirrors and front bumper. Incredibly popular with Porsche and owners of roadsters, this package is perfectly equipped for cars that have low centers of gravity and sit low to the road.

Full Front Kit

The Full front kit provides protection to the full hood, the full fender, backsides of the mirrors and trim and the entire front bumper.

Entire Car Kit

The entire car provides protection to every square inch of the vehicle. From the front bumper, entire hood, roof, side panels, door panels, trim luggage area and rear bumpers.

Custom Kit

If you are in need of custom protection, bumper protection, front headlight protection or any other area(s) of your vehicle protected, the clear bra specialists at our shop are here to help. We are happy to work with you to protect the areas that you need protected and nothing you don’t.




Pristine detail’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make your automotive care and protection extremely easy and enjoyable. Our mission is to deliver the best value, our services include automotive detailing, auto paint/body repair, Ceramic Pro Coatings, clear bra, window tint and much more. The passionate IDA certified team at Pristine Detail goes above and beyond to make your vehicle look and feel new again. We strive to deliver the best results using only quality products and the best tools in the professional automotive industry.